Faster period close is what every professional finance department craves.

“How can we quickly and accurately state the company position with high levels of confidence and integrity?”

Many people sink their heart and soul into a spreadsheet labyrinth that attempts to codify and coordinate their balance sheet reconciliation activities. Everybody knows that this approach is a house of cards – spreadsheets upon spreadsheets allow errors to sneak in, get lost and spread out. There is no orchestrating framework that gives management visibility of the progress, faith in the integrity or satisfaction with the efficiency of the process. And there comes a time when the auditors will take no more and something has to change.

There is another way.

BlackLine Finance Controls & Automation orchestrates the tasks and streamlines the account reconciliation process for a more efficient financial close. It replaces manual, spreadsheet-based, error prone processes with automation, control and visibility.


Standardise and centralise account reconciliation methods and remove the spreadsheet mayhem, underpinned with annotations and supporting documents that fully satisfy your auditors.


Auto certification, best practice reconciliation templates, high volume, rule-based transaction matching, trafficked through multi stage workflow means people are only required to work on the exceptions and the complex.


Real-time reports and dashboards allow managers to witness the reconciliation status and the tasks in progress right across the enterprise.


Best practice and configurable templates underpinned by workflow controls that enforce segregation of duties and process dependencies will satisfy your audit and governance demands.