How we help you close your financial periods faster

We help companies that have …

Risky spreadsheets

Anyone wasting too much time and exposed to too much risk using spreadsheets to manage their period close activities.

Reconciliation frustration

Entities frustrated by the errors and delays caused by manual period close reconciliations.

Transaction matching

Departments with repetitive, high volume transaction matching demands such as bank reconciliations.

Complex Reconciliations

Companies with complex reconciliation demands due to their organisational structure or legislative demands.

Disparate systems

Enterprises with multiple and disparate ERP or financial management systems, either cloud or on-premise, or a mixture of both.

Intercompany operations

Organisations with extensive intercompany or cross border operations.

Testimonials from BlackLine clients

We’ve gone through two audit processes since the implementation of the software and the feedback even from the external auditors has been really positive in terms of how Linfox has responded, it gives management a great oversight of the business given that we have operations in Australia, New Zealand as well as many countries in Asia. David Dalton

Financial Accounting Manager, Linfox Logistics

Within the first month we managed to reconcile over 50% of our accounts which was our target and we achieved that within two and a half weeks after we went live. So we are very impressed with the user friendliness of the product. Now in the second month we already realise some of the efficiencies, some of the reconciliations or features of the software like the auto certification, they’re just brilliant. Ekkehard Kostbahn

Business Services Accountant, Wesley Mission

Prior to BlackLine we had a lot of issues around how our reconciliations were prepared. As you could imagine without BlackLine a lot of reconciliations were done manually, a lot of inefficiencies driven by the team, there’s some familiarisation with old processes, we had some challenges around month end. So as a result of going through the tendering process our decision was to engage BlackLine.

Chris Grimbos

Financial Account Manager, Bunnings Warehouse

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